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When I decided to put a site together for all things Ghostface®, I asked Tony Cecere if he knew anybody to build it. It turns out, he did a project with a guy that was the original website developer for WesCraven.com I approached him about doing this with me and although he’s not doing sites anymore, he was excited to do this one. I’ll let him tell you…

I used to be in the movie business years ago. I was getting too old to put up with the frantic pace of it and I got into doing websites. Website design was still kind of new, so when I got the opportunity to work with Wes, I jumped at the chance.

Wes was a very laid-back, very smart and a subtly funny guy. He wasn’t sure why he even needed a site, but everyone was telling him he should have one. He said…”Make it creepy…but I don’t want blood dripping from the walls”. That was it…I could design and build anything I wanted. We’d talk on the phone and I’d write articles about what he was working on.

Not long after, he was working on Scream. He was on ‘Good Morning America’ to promote it and he mentioned his new website. We had been doing pretty well with about 10,000 visits a day (which was good back then), but after he mentioned it on national television we instantly  were getting 100,000 visits an hour!

People magazine visited the site and called it a “Site to see”. After that, I was in big demand and my career really took off. I owe a lot of that to Wes.

Doing this site is kind of coming full circle. Lee gave me the reigns and said ‘build whatever you want’. I hope to make the site fun and a tribute to all things Scream. I hope you enjoy visiting and come back to see what we come up with.

Bill Perry
Original developer of 


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