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Lee Waddell – Stuntman/Actor – The Original Ghostface in SCREAM & SCREAM 2

The Original Ghostface

Stunt coordinator of horror, Tony Cecere (Scream, Scream 2, The Hills Have Eyes, The People under the Stairs, Shocker, just to name a few) is a good friend and mentor of mine. He helped me out a lot when I was coming up as a stunt performer.

He asked to me come and work for him and Wes Craven on a production on called ‘Scream’. I was blown away! It was scary, funny and celebrated the love of scary films while absolutely destroying all the tropes and clichés that horror movies had become. Wes was wicked in his approach to horror.

When it came time to put on the Ghostface mask and wardrobe for the opening scene with Drew Barrymore, Tony cast me to do it. As good as I knew the film was going to be…I never imagined that we’d be seeing sequels 30 years later.

Honestly, I’m as big a fan of this film and all the classic slasher movies as you are. That’s why I enjoy interacting with the fans that come out to the conventions. I’ve done a lot of movies, but the fanbase of the Scream franchise is really something special.

I hope you like the site. I would love to see you folks at the next convention. If you like, look in my shop. I’m working to develop some one-of-a-kind and very limited-edition collectibles and other fun stuff.

As the saying goes!

 “What’s your favorite scary movie?”

 I know what mine is.

Lee Waddell
appearing as the original Ghost Face®  in Scream and Scream II



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Lee Waddell - The Original Ghostface, attacks Casey in the film Scream

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